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This portal is part of our comprehensive solution for vehicle mobile management

VidiCloud allows the user to connect to a remote vehicle, and stream live video feed using our custom hardware solution. This portal allows the ease of connectivity from wherever you are in the world to view real time video from the comfort of your location without the need of installing software. We handle all the connectivity transparently in the background using our dedicated servers.

All you need is a a web browser like IE or Firefox. You can also playback the saved video footage by specifying the time and date in the past, check on various alarms that has been triggered on your system, including those which we have integrated with an intelligent reporting system, for example a door failure on a train, or a door opening at the back of a cash transit van. You can also view the location of your asset on the map which shows live geo-location reporting using GPS, or download video footage from that vehicle remotely into our secure server.

The system is not limited to just that, there are many more capabilities that we could add to suit your business requirements.

Have a chat with us to find out more.

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